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Wireless Telecommunications Industry Overview

The US Wireless carrier market is a $280Bn market, and according to IBISWorld, the top three major players (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile) account for 67.8% of industry revenue. Even with the high concentration in the industry, the major providers still have network capacity that they’d like to sell. However, customer acquisition costs are high and many of the remaining potential subscribers are not willing or able to pay the plan prices that major network providers offer.

That’s where resellers come into play. Resellers purchase wireless telecommunications capacity from larger operators at wholesale prices and resell that…

Next-gen Product Testing

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Showstopping Product Testing With Showcase

Here’s a scenario. You’re walking out of the mall, recent purchase in hand, and you see someone with a clipboard walking straight towards you. Do you a) sprint towards your car and avoid conversation or b) happily spend 10 minutes talking about why you bought that product? Chances are you picked ‘a,’ as would most people. People who complete surveys are not typical, which makes it difficult for qualitative researchers to understand why consumers choose certain brands.

Dana Kim is no stranger to these struggles. Prior to beginning her MBA at Wharton, she…

Finding the Balance in Customer Service

If you’re one of the more than two-thirds of US consumers that shopped online pre-COVID, then chances are you’ve dealt with customer service within the past few months. Whether that reason was to cancel travel plans or figure out new apparel return policies due to physical location closures, many of us have had to deal with the friction that is customer service. Most of my customer service interactions have involved chatbots, and it got me to thinking about this customer service shift that has occurred over the past several years. While there are some obvious advantages to using these customer…

Thoughts on pursuing an MBA this fall

Hunstman Hall at Wharton

Let me start by saying that I believe an MBA makes more sense for some career paths than others. Someone looking to switch professions or functions may find more value than those looking to return to the same industry. That being said, I was ecstatic when I was accepted to The Wharton School earlier this year as pursuing an MBA has been a goal of mine for several years. However, I never imagined that my first decision as an MBA candidate would be picking out a desk for my apartment to create a comfortable “hybrid” learning experience.

Like many other…

If there were ever a time to learn how to play an instrument…

A couple of months ago, I came to terms with the fact that my usual weekday activities were not coming back anytime soon (e.g., pick-up basketball, happy hour with friends, etc.). I soon decided that I would use my new-found free time to learn piano using an online platform called Skoove. Fast forward to today, and I’m now regularly sending videos of myself playing songs — from John Legend to Beethoven — to my friends and family. I’ve attempted to learn piano before using lesson books, but becoming an ‘intermediate’ piano player was easier this time around. …

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